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medical transcription outsourcingaffordable medical transcription Service

Medropolitan Affordable Transcription Company Services USA provides complete end-to-end, web-based electronic solutions for your dictation and transcription needs.

• After capturing of dictation by our dictation system, the audio will be transcribed by the finest ears in the medical industry.
• Our team of Quality Analysts edits the report and verifies every single transcript for formatting details before they are delivered to you.
• We follow the AAMT guidelines for our transcripts in addition to client preferences and formats and update our whole system to best suit the client/physician requirements.

Document Delivery
• After going through our rigorous editing and verification procedure, documents are uploaded on the 128-bit SSL-encrypted website.
• The document is now ready for printing.

Document/Archive review
• You are provided with a secure administrative user ID and password for accessing your archive of reports online.
• You can then log on to the website using your password, search for any specific file/patient record, or download all your files with a single click.

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